Conversational AI 
for Your Calls

Enhance customer experience with smooth and natural conversations.

Forget the 'press 1, press 2...' and just ask, 'How can I help you?'

Maximize your potential

Improve conversion by using natural conversations, no-wait calls, and quick resolutions.

Save a lot of money: The virtual agent costs a fraction of a real agent. There are no contracts; no overtime, night, Sunday, or holiday pay. No need for space or equipment. No training is required. You can instantly increase or decrease the number of agents, and you only pay for usage.

Create multichannel conversations: Use flows that allow you to exchange information via WhatsApp, Email, or SMS from the call.

Utilize your agents to handle only complex cases. This not only makes you very efficient but also reduces employee turnover. Studies show that agents performing repetitive tasks change jobs constantly.

Offer consistency in all your communications, always providing the same experience.

Minimize regulation issues, as the virtual agent only responds according to the programming, avoiding any subjective agent opinions.

Create campaigns in a fraction of the time.

Resolve your customers' queries faster, and most of them on the first call.

Don't keep any customer waiting; answer them immediately.

Let the virtual agent handle repetitive tasks and use your agents only for calls that require attention.

Improve user experience:
the vast majority of studies confirm that people prefer to communicate with virtual agents even when the assistance of a human agent is essential.

Some of the customers already using Go4clients for their mass communications:

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