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FB Lead Ads

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🤔 Did you know that a lead contacted within the first minute of the facebook form submission is 60 times more likely to become a customer than if contacted an hour later?

Forget downloading your new facebook leads manually and contacting them.

Go4Clients notifies you as soon as the lead fills out the form and allows you to configure email auto responses with your property and contact information.

Autoresponder:Engage leads immediately and respond automatically with onboarding details or product information.

80% of sales are made by serving leads immediately!

Notification:Find out instantly when a new Facebook Lead arrives and receive a notification by e-mail, SMS, or call.

Knowing the exact moment a lead arrives allows you to convert more leads and close sales faster!

Integrate your CRM with Go4Clients

 ✔ Communicate with your facebook leads directly from your CRM, automating and optimizing processes and communications.

✔ Contact all of your prospects with automated sequences that combine calls, landing pages, text messages, and email.

¡Your fast comunication with them will multiply your sales and your return on investment (ROI)! 

The solution

Build automatic flows as simple or complex as you like:

Facebook Leads + Notifications:

It’s the simplest integration of all and with only 3 steps. By integrating your Facebook form you can receive the lead information by e-mail, SMS, or via a call right after the form is submitted.

Facebook Lead + Notification + SMS

You will also have the option to receive a notification and create an autoresponder through a welcome SMS with links or instructions.

Facebook Lead + Notification + e-mail

Además de recibir la notificación, puedes configurar respuestas automáticas a través del correo electrónico, creando secuencias de Inbound Marketing y Email Nurturing

Facebook Lead + Notification
+ Call Autoresponder

You can configure your notification and also trigger a call between your prospect and your call center.

Are you still using Zapier?

With Go4Clients, there's no need for Zapier, Twilio, MailChimp, or similar services. Go4Clients provides all the features, just much simpler and much cheaper.

Selling has never been so SIMPLE by integrating with Go4Clients!

What our clients have achieved, and now you can achieve as well:

Save Costs

Go4Clients not only compiles Automations, e-mails , SMS, and Calls in one tool, but it does it much cheaper than others on the market, with many more features and support to obtain better results.

Save Time

Integrating Facebook with an Email is much faster and simpler than manually downloading leads daily.

Improve your Sales

Contacting your leads immediately will improve your sales, and you can do so by integrating your Facebook Lead Ads with Go4Clients notifications and autoresponders.

Scale Communication

Integrating, automating, and using your available channels (Email, SMS and Calls) will improve the communication with your customers. It’s proven that constant engagement increases customer loyalty.

Beat the competition

Digital Marketing is evolving by leaps and bounds, and those who quickly incorporate these technologies will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Manage Human Resources Better

Routine tasks can be automated and the results will be incredible if you place the right message at the right time.

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